Creating a Reputable And Recognizable Brand Is An Important Part Of Owning a Business. DuraBord Offers Custom Branded Flooring Protection Rolls To Help Keep Your Brand Top Of Mind.

We are offering to customize your product with your company’s logo or website, providing brand exposure on any job site. It’s important for people to associate your work with your name so you get the credit you deserve.


DuraBord custom flooring protection rolls offer the same protection and durability as our Standard and Heavy Duty rolls so you can rest assured you’re getting a product you can trust. Whether you have hardwood, vinyl, carpet, or tile flooring, our customized flooring protection rolls are guaranteed to keep your floors protected.

DuraBord uses a specific process to design and create customized rolls in different sizes and with various branded packaging. Whatever your branding needs, we will help customize our product to your exact specifications. Custom branding is available on both our Standard and Heavy Duty floor protection rolls. This means you won’t have to sacrifice durability and security for a custom design. We want to work with you to find out the exact sizing specifications needed for your project so you are fully protected.


Our flooring protection rolls are able to withstand the tests of weather and time, remaining secure in even the hottest or coldest climates. With options for every budget, we have the tools you need to keep your flooring safe during any project or renovation. Quantity discounts are available for commercial retailers or distributors.


For flooring protection that is undeniably specified to your needs, DuraBord is proud to offer 100% recyclable branded rolls for your project. Brand recognition means more money in your pocket. Opting for personalized flooring protection rolls instead of name brand rolls gives you even more ownership over your worksite.

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