Detail Features of Our Products

Perfection is in the details. Reach perfection in details with the DuraBord.


Costly accidents such as spills can negatively impact your budget. Not only can these accidents be expensive, but they can act as unnecessary safety risks to anyone working on your renovation or construction project. DuraBord provides spill-resistant and easy-to-install flooring protection for your worksite.


DuraBord offers unique spill-resistant flooring protection to help to keep your worksite safe. Our flooring protection rolls provide protection from spills and are safe to walk on when wet. DuraBord is manufactured to be resistant to liquid absorption to keep your floors and workers safe. 

  • Industrial Level Spill-Resistance
  • Safe to Walk on When Wet
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Customizable

Heavy Duty

DuraBord’s Heavy Duty temporary flooring protection was specially created to withstand the needs of any large renovation or construction project. Flooring damage during a construction project can impact your budget and schedule. To avoid any unnecessary spills and accidents, DuraBord is the leading choice in temporary flooring protection.


Designed to withstand the needs of heavy-duty construction sites, DuraBord is durable yet malleable to allow you all the flexibility and protection you need. Our flooring protection rolls are built to last and provide maximum protection against floor damage. DuraBord is made from 100% recyclable, paper-based products, making us the sustainable choice for consumers. 


Our temporary flooring protection rolls are spill-resistant and breathable, leaving your flooring fully protected and ventilated. DuraBord is specially created to be suitable for any flooring type. Quick and easy to install, DuraBord is the simple solution to your flooring protection needs.

  • Heavy-Duty Industrial Strength Protection
  • Durable and Breathable
  • Maximum Flexibility
  • 100% Recyclable

100% Recycled

Home renovations and construction projects are stressful enough without the added worry of flooring damage. DuraBord is offering temporary flooring protection rolls specially designed for your renovation or construction site. Made from 100% recycled material, DuraBord is the sustainable choice in temporary flooring protection.


DuraBord temporary flooring protection rolls are the sustainable choice for your home renovation or construction project. Made from fibrous paper products mixed with a special polymer, DuraBord is 100% recyclable. Sustainability is important for any project. DuraBord is environmentally friendly without losing out on durability.


Our temporary flooring protection rolls are the leading choice for any project. Made with durable and recyclable materials, DuraBord is fully reusable and offers reliable protection. For temporary flooring protection suitable for any flooring type, DuraBord is the product for the job.

100% Recycled
  • Made from 100% Recycled Materials
  • Easy to Dispose in any Paper Recycling Bin
  • Sustainable Choice İn Temporary Floor Protection
  • Environmentally Friendly

Impact Resistant

Renovations and construction projects often mean heavy boots trekking through your home and a constant layer of dust covering every surface. Though small messes are expected during renos, floor damage due to heavy impact isn’t something we want to consider. DuraBord offers temporary flooring protection rolls to keep your floors looking perfect for life.


Heavy loads and work boots going through your home doesn’t have to mean floor damage. With DuraBord on your side, our flooring protection rolls are guaranteed to offer expert level protection for your floors. Specially created with our customers in mind, DuraBord is easy to use and install in minutes. 


We want to give your floors maximum protection. DuraBord protects floors from impact damage, chemical spills, surface damage, and more. Made from 100% recyclable materials, DuraBord remains the leading choice in sustainable temporary flooring protection.

  • Impact-Resistant for Added Protection
  • Customizable and Easy to Install
  • Anti-Slip for Additional Safety
  • Easily Recycled in any Paper Recycling Bin


Keeping floors protected during a renovation or construction project is important. Temporary flooring protection not only helps you keep expensive flooring safe and sound during construction, it also helps leave you with peace of mind. DuraBord has the tools and equipment you need to get the job done.


DuraBord temporary flooring protection rolls are flexible but able to withstand industrial environments and heavy foot traffic. DuraBord’s flexibility and customized sizing makes sure your floors get the protection they need. Created with you in mind, we want to offer you the best flooring protection solutions on the market. 


DuraBord is made from 100% recyclable material that can be easily disposed of in any paper recycling bin. This makes us the leading choice in sustainability. Available in both Standard and Heavy-Duty strength, DuraBord is guaranteed to offer expert protection during any project.

  • Highly Flexible and Easy to Install
  • Resistant to Liquid Damage
  • Great for Small or Large-Scale Projects
  • 100% Recyclable and Sustainable


DuraBord temporary flooring protection offers breathability to allow moisture, fumes, and vapours to escape. Condensation settles on newly cured flooring which can cause moisture damage. Airflow is extremely important when curing and installing new floors. Our flooring protection rolls help to ensure your floors breathe and evaporate moisture effectively.


DuraBord offers industrial strength flooring protection that was specially created for at-home or large-scale projects. Expertly designed to maintain airflow and breathability, this product is easily customizable with branding and logos to help your brand stand out at any worksite. Available in both Standard and Heavy-Duty strength, DuraBord offers expert protection for any project.

  • Breathable: Allows Vapour and Fume Ventilation
  • Created to Withstand Industrial Construction Sites
  • Slip-Resistant and Water Repellant